• Hard Drive Clean Up for Faster Operation

You know when you are working with a “dirty” drive. Get an exciting feeling of speed in your old computer.


  • Information Technology Consultant

Are you searching online for a computer consultant because your company’s network is running slow, freezing, acting crazy, and you can’t depend on your current computer guy to fix it? Do you want your network to do more?


  • Installation & Setup For Windows PCs

You are feeling pretty happy about getting that new computer. Is it set to get the most out of it? Let our experience guide you on what goes in and how it is configured for use. The true choices in a boxed or mail order computer are counted on one hand. Are you a “common” type of computer user? No, make it uniquely yours!


  • Network Installation or Problem Solving (Wired or Wireless)

We know the benefits and tricks of both types of network installations and can help you decide which type you want. Once it is decided, we can arrange a network of two, five, or twenty computers in home, business, or professional environments.


  • Remove Virus & Spyware Problems From Your Computer

So you didn’t keep your subscription up to date and the viruses and spyware got in. We can remove them and keep them out for good.    


  • Repairs for Computers That Will Not Start or Are Running Slow

If a computer breaks, you must have patience. They are amazing machines and may come out of some pretty bad situations. The key question is “Will it be cost justified to fix it?” Again, get our estimate. We may have to open it up and have a good look inside to learn what needs to be done. The information we provide lets you decide to fix or replace it.


  • Setup Computers for Either Comcast or Verizon High-Speed Internet

The service installer usually does a good job of putting it in for you. Call us if you received a “package in the mail” or a dud installer.


  • Software Setup, Including Windows, Word Processing, & Anti-Virus

Most software lets you get things done. Anti-virus lets you continue without interference. The selection you make in software is critical to get the most from your computer. Did you know there are some amazing choices in anti-virus protection?


  • Setup Your E-mail (PC, Server, or Internet Service Provider)

Which is the best mail server for you? Understand the differences and cost of service and set it up to avoid spam!

(End Bulleted List)


If your current computer person frustrates you and the problems are taking more and more of your attention away from the business, you need a technical consultant. Backups not working can end up costing lots of money and so can improper security.

If your business is growing, causing computer problems to get out of hand, maybe a better source of solutions is the answer.


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